We are excited to announce that our office 4 Pillars Victoria | DebtVictoria were Finalists for the Victoria BBB Torch Awards for the 3rd time.

The Torch Award is given out by the BBB (the Better Business Bureau) for the purpose of recognizing businesses who regularly display excellence in their work and their local community. It is presented in recognition of their commitment to the BBB standards of Trust to benefit their customers, their employees, and the community in general. Businesses are nominated by their clients who fill out a nomination form based on their experience in working with a business.

This is the 3rd year that we are finalists and we are very honored to again be nominated by our clients for this award.

I would like to say a big thankyou to all our amazing clients who have nominated us for this prestigious award. 4 Pillars works very hard behind the scenes to get our clients the very best deals possible, so that they can save the most money possible on their debt relief plans and rebuild their financial future.

4 Pillars is completely different in that we work only for the person in debt. This is why, being nominated for Torch Awards and receiving many online reviews is so important to us. It allows our own clients to share their personal experiences with the world free from corporate bias, so that other consumers who are searching around the web for answers can find the courage to deal with their debt and hear directly from other consumers that have successfully made the journey to debt freedom

At 4Pillars, we work exclusively for the debtor (the person in debt) and are their sole advocate. This allows us to focus our efforts entirely is on helping people in debt obtain the lowest possible settlements with their creditors (banks, lenders). In addition, our Aftercare program focuses on helping our clients recover quickly from debt restructuring by helping them rebuild their credit quickly and learn personal budgeting skills.

4 Pillars consulting has been helping people become debt free locally for 16 years in Victoria BC and coast to coast across Canada. For almost two decades we have worked to help Canadians reduce high debt loads and recover from difficult financial situations. We work hard to make sure every clients file is a success and that clients become debt free and stay debt free with our ongoing support and guidance. We will always go above and beyond the industry standard for debt relief and ensure that our clients are both debt free, educated and financially stable.

Thank you again to anyone who was kind enough to take the time to nominate us for this prestigious award.