Economic Crisis | Coronavirus | COVID 19 Resources Blog

The Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown response has caused a massive shock across Canada. We are feeling the pain of the many people who have called in for our help recently due to the negative impact COVID is having on their financial lives.

In only a few months this pandemic has created a bigger need than ever for Canadians to seriously look at all of the great debt reduction and credit repair options that are available to them.

We are here to help anyone out there facing financial difficulty, so please reach out for a free Debt Restructuring and Credit Repair consultation.

We also have a free resource page that has links and all kinds of good resources to help your families and businesses during this time. Please check out our National COVID19 Resource page here:

If you are struggling in debt right now, please know that there are many effective ways to reduce your debt payments and consolidate your debt and lower your monthly payments.

4 Pillars is here to guide you through whatever debt consolidation/restructuring process works best for you. We represent the person in debt, not the bank, to help you get the best result and save the most money.

We can also help you restore or rebuild your credit if it has been damaged from any missed payments. We are committed to taking all clients through our full Credit Repair Program called “Aftercare”.

Health & Safety – Please know that your health and safety is our highest priority. During this time, we are following federal and provincial Health & Safety guidelines to help stop the spread of Covid19. To keep you safe most of our meetings are offered by phone or video call. However, if you need to meet is in person or drop off documents, we are working at our physical offices and following all social distancing and cleaning guidelines to keep you safe. We are here to serve you in the safest way possible that works for your specific needs. So please reach out for help.

If you or someone you know is in debt, please reach out to us for a Free Consultation.