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As a proud member of the Canadian Debtors Association (CDA) we are excited to share their latest article about their new Certified Debtor Advocate Designation.

The CDA is working hard to look out for the interests of people who are in debt.  A person in debt (debtor) having their own representation is quite rare in the debt relief industry which is predominantly made up of companies that represent the interest of the big banks (and all creditors).

You can read about their latest press release here.

4 Pillars is one of the few companies in the debt industry that looks out solely for the interest and best result of the person who is in debt. What this means in practical terms is that we can focus on helping our clients achieve the lowest possible debt settlement, and the best opportunity to achieve debt freedom the soonest.

We have proven this with an 18-year track record of a 97% success rate of our clients completing their debt elimination plan and achieving their total debt freedom.

4 Pillars is one of the largest debt advisory and financial rehabilitation companies in Canada that helps clients reduce and consolidate through various options, and most importantly we help people who have done a debt reduction program to rebuild their credit.

Credit Repair is one of the most important steps after dealing with high debt. Helping our clients fully repair their credit helps them reach their financial goals faster and helps ensure they maintain good financial health in the long term.

Click here for more information on the Canadian Debtors Association (CDA).

If you are interested in debt consolidation, debt reduction, debt restructuring, or just credit repair and or financial education please contact us for a free consultation.