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Why work with us

Our initial consultation is always complimentary and without obligation. By meeting with us, you will be educated on all your options, and we can provide you with a solution that has your BEST interest in mind.

Here are the advantages of working with us:


  1. Debt Victoria is a division of 4 Pillars Consulting Group. With over 50 offices, 4 Pillars is one of Canada’s largest debt restructuring firms working on behalf of the debtor, and we are proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated.
  2. Across Canada, our clients have a 97% successful completion rate! With our assistance and expertise, our clients are satisfied, motivated, and effective at paying off the proposal we prepare for them, whereas the national industry average indicates very close to a 30% failure rate for people who choose to enter into a debt repayment plan with their creditors prepared by other companies. We have one of the BEST success rates in the industry – Period!
  3. We consistently achieve the highest possible amount of debt reduction, thus allowing our clients to happily fulfill and complete the debt re-payment plan we arrange for them.
  4. We have THE MOST comprehensive and successful credit rebuilding system in the industry. We have exclusive proprietary credit rehabilitation products that NO other company provides.
  5. We are local, in Victoria BC. Every single person we work with, we meet with in person. Why work with some web-based company that is owned and operated from an unknown location when you can enjoy the safety and advantages of working with someone in person right here in Victoria?
  6. We are licensed and bonded in the Provinces that currently require Licensing. We are accountable!
  7. We have a great BBB rating and are a registered Accredited Business. We ensure a high quality of service and care.

Here are the 4 Pillars of Dealing with Debt

Contact us now and let us get started helping you reduce your debt, rebuild your credit and give you a fresh new beginning!


Enjoy life after debt

We can help you reduce your debt by up to 80% and get your life back.