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What About Credit Counselling?

It just does not help people enough based on the numbers we have run.

This is a very misunderstood service. The way that the program is presented and advertised, It sounds like something that fixes your credit (credit counselling), but it actually destroys it for as long as 8 years and the worst part is you generally have to pay the FULL amount of the debt off. So where is the benefit to the client there?

We do NOT do Credit Counselling; and we don’t recommend it for most people because it is simply WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. There is also “Non-profit Credit Counselling”. It is hardly what it sounds like as there ARE fees, and you usually pay back all of your debt! It seems like the banks get all the benefit from this program as they get all (or most) of their money back and you get bad credit. Many Non-Profit Credit Counsellors are actually funded by the Credit Card Companies and banks themselves. So this suggests that it is a program that benefits the banks as they have an interest in the program.

Again, the main difference between us (4Pillars) and all the other programs out there like credit counselling and Bankruptcy Trustees, is that we do NOT offer credit counselling, and we work for YOU (not your creditors) to help you save the MOST money and protect your assets and help you get out of debt in the most cost effective way possible. Our program receives NO funding from any creditors, so we truly work for you on your behalf! Instead we work on debt reduction, consumer proposals and other methods.

Enjoy life after debt

We can help you reduce your debt by up to 80% and get your life back.