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The 4 Pillars Promise

What is the ‘4 Pillars Promise’?

The current system for addressing debt in Canada is antiquated. The solutions being offered cause more problems than they solve. The current solutions to dealing with overwhelming debt leave consumers vulnerable for future financial failure because they are not educated on how to manage a budget and they are excluded from traditional banking and lending products for close to a decade. It is estimated that 1 million Canadians suffer from bad credit due to past financial challenges.

The debt industry continues to be a creditor driven system with the vast majority of companies offering solutions that serve the needs of creditors not the debtors. It offers no plan for the long term financial rehabilitation of the consumer.

It is the ‘4 Pillars Promise’ to change that! When you enter into a debt restructuring plan with 4 Pillars you receive the compassionate, dedicated, representation you need and are entitled to. It is a full financial rehabilitation plan to ensure you are not one of over a million Canadians left vulnerable and abandoned by a system that is meant to help you.

Why is a Credit score so important?

    The fact is very few people have or can earn enough money to pay cash for life’s most important purchases: a home, a car, or an education. Like it or not credit, for the majority of Canadians, will always play a critical part of their lives and not having access to it will significantly impact financial stability and future net worth.

    The ‘4 Pillars Promise’ recognizes that moving from financial challenges to financial stability is a journey, one that takes time and commitment from both parties to achieve.


    The ‘4 Pillars Promise’ and our Ten Commitments:
      1. Our sole mandate is to represent our clients (the debtors). We never compromise when creating solutions to deal with your debt.
      2. Our role in the debt industry is always very clear – we represent the debtors. We are not impartial and in no way do we represent the creditors.
      3. We always do what is in our client’s best interest. We do not have to balance it against the interests of creditors or anyone else.
      4. Helping our clients reach their long term financial goals is as important to us as solving their short term financial challenges. With that in mind we provide a credit rebuilding and rehabilitation plan to our clients.
      5. What we recommend to our clients is the same advice we would give to our mother, father or close friends.
      6. One size doesn’t fit all. We find the right solutions for the individual needs of each client We don’t just offer the simplest solution.
      7. The advice and service we offer to our clients rectifies short term financial challenges while bringing their long term financial dreams closer.
      8. There is never any pressure to sign a contract and our clients are encouraged to take the time they need to make the right decisions.
      9. We are completely transparent with our clients on the fees we charge. There are never hidden fees or surprises.
      10. We are not lawyers, we don’t charge by the hour. We see a call from an old client as an opportunity to reconnect, not to bill for the time spent.

        Enjoy life after debt

        We can help you reduce your debt by up to 80% and get your life back.