The following are a host of very personal stories from our valued clientele. We hope you feel inspired and, should the need exist, more willing to trust us with a free (no obligation) consultation.

Shedding DebtDan’s Story

My name is Dan and I am a middle aged man and I live in Colwood BC and am self-employed and run a small cleaning business (sole proprietorship); I have always worked hard to pay my bills and debts on time when I could. For many years my Debts and Credit Score were constantly climbing up and down though from the major income ups and downs that most people experience who are self-employed. I had been using my credit cards a lot for emergencies and when times were lean and I did not have enough money to pay the bills or buy supplies. I never really worried about my debt because I thought I had it under control since I was making my payments. My moto back then was to “Make more money-that will fix the problem”! But it did not; year after year went buy and the debts just grew…… read Dan’s full story here

Medical Professionals with Debt

Donna & Ben’s Story

Today we paid off our consumer proposal, and freedom from financial slavery truly feels good.

When we met Benjy Houser at 4 Pillars Consulting Group/Debt Victoria we were paying close to $4000/month in interest alone on money we owed on various credit cards and lines of credit and Business lines of Credit. As a professional self-employed couple, we managed to service our debt and keep up to date on our monthly living expenses for close to 25 years. However, the relocation of our business caused an unexpected drop in income, which pushed us into a negative tailspin…… read Donna & Ben’s full story here

Debt Free NowGlen & Livia B’s Story

A few years ago, with 3 young kids involved in sports and so on, we had the great (or not so great?) idea to ensure financial freedom for ourselves by opening our own business here in beautiful Victoria B.C. It seemed easy enough, so we went ahead with it, remortgaging our house multiple times to the 80% mark in the process, changing business plans and ideas a few times along the way, and by the time we finally got to a place where the business was making enough money to pay my wife and 5 staff we were in such a dire personal financial position that we could not afford to pay our debts……. read Glen & Livia B’s full story here

$100,000 in DebtMichaels Story

After over ten years of struggling to support my wife and three young children, I found myself in over $100,000 of debt to various collection agencies and lenders. I was continually keeping up with seemingly never ending payments and collections but not getting out of debt- just getting further behind!

I wanted to pay my debts off but the task seemed more and more insurmountable. I felt exhausted and the financial strain was weighing on my health and family relationships…… read Michaels full Story here


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