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Over $100,000 in Debt

To whom it may concern,

After over ten years of struggling to support my wife and three young children, I found myself in over $100,000 of debt to various collection agencies and lenders. I was continually keeping up with seemingly never ending payments and collections but not getting out of debt- just getting further behind!

I wanted to pay my debts off but the task seemed more and more insurmountable. I felt exhausted and the financial strain was weighing on my health and family relationships. I was beginning to realize I couldn’t keep this up for much longer and I needed help. So I did what most people do when there in trouble, I prayed to God for help!

I believe the answer came through a friend. He referred me to a local 4 Pillars office in Victoria.

I must say it was a life changing experience in a positive way, so I just want thank the 4 Pillars Victoria team for their part in helping me and my family get back to the road to financial freedom.

From the moment I called to assess my situation, and throughout the counselling and credit rebuilding process process, I felt they cared about our situation and wanted to help us out of the financial mess in which I found myself.

The knowledgeable staff guided me through the process and was patient with my questions and uncertainties. They treated me with respect and gave me honest answers and options related to my situation. Even after a seemingly negative setback in the proposal process the team still stayed positive until they helped me finally achieved an accepted proposal! My debts were reduced, my payments were lower, and I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was so happy!

It is still hard to believe that there isn’t some overwhelming outstanding balance that has to be paid somewhere! It is such a relief to finally feel like I have been given a second chance at managing my finances and this time I will make wiser choices!

I am very grateful for the hard work the team did for me and my family!


Michael S.

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