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Self-Employed with Debt Piling Up

My name is Dan and I am a middle aged man and I live in Colwood BC and am self-employed and run a small cleaning business (sole proprietorship); I have always worked hard to pay my bills and debts on time when I could.

For many years my Debts and Credit Score were constantly climbing up and down though from the major income ups and downs that most people experience who are self-employed. I had been using my credit cards a lot for emergencies and when times were lean and I did not have enough money to pay the bills or buy supplies. I never really worried about my debt because I thought I had it under control since I was making my payments. My moto back then was to “Make more money-that will fix the problem”! But it did not; year after year went buy and the debts just grew and (even with paying extra payments whenever I could) I was just never ever getting out of debt.

Three years ago I discovered 4 Pillars Consulting Group/Debt Victoria (Benjy Houser) from the coffee newspaper and I quickly contacted Benjy to meet. After we had talked and discussed my situation he offered me some great solutions, but I mentioned to him that I wanted to wait and to think about it! Well, things happened, time went by and 3 years later I still had not been able to pay down the debt on my own and it had grown even bigger.

Now things were a little different and my income was even lower from work shortages yet my debt payments were always growing bigger. I finally called Benjy to gather more information and he showed me how simple we could fix my debt situation. It was a very simple, easy process and I was assisted by their first class staff. They even helped me be able to keep my vehicles and assets yet reduced my debt by almost 77% (from $67,000 down to only $16,000)! Amazing. What a change for me. My stress with debt is now gone and I can easily make my payments on this new reduced payment plan! I would definitely recommend Benjy to everyone struggling with debt, I really do. I appreciate the fact they did what they said they could and it was actually better than they said, and they treated me like I mattered. My only regret is that I “waited to think about it” for so long and wasted 3 years paying only interest to the banks; but better now than never. I have had my life massively improved by working with 4 Pillars.

I gave Benjy permission to post my story (not my full name). Dan G.

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