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Saved My House & Business

Here is our story about how you helped us deal with our debt:

A few years ago, with 3 young kids involved in sports and so on, we had the great (or not so great?) idea to ensure financial freedom for ourselves by opening our own business here in beautiful Victoria B.C. It seemed easy enough, so we went ahead with it, remortgaging our house multiple times to the 80% mark in the process, changing business plans and ideas a few times along the way, and by the time we finally got to a place where the business was making enough money to pay my wife and 5 staff we were in such a dire personal financial position that we could not afford to pay our debts. In an attempt to try to survive we had to take money from the business in order to cover the personal debt that we had accumulated in the process. The business could not actually afford this extra cost, so we started to fall behind on our business taxes. As you can imagine, this brought up a lot of stress, fighting ourselves through tons of debt, trying not to sell the house and so on. To makes matters worse, CRA decided to garnishee my wages for unpaid taxes.

After we tried pretty much every organizations that we saw on TV promising to help us out of our debts to no avail, we felt that our world was closing up on us, and that everything that we had was about to crumble. As a last ditch effort, I decided to listen to someone who told me that I should see Benjy at 4Pillars Consulting Victoria (Debt Victoria). By then, my trust in the system was broken and I truly believe that no one was ever going to help us so I was skeptical to say the least. Benjy and his staff approached the situation head on, explain to us what the options were, which, to our surprise, were much different than what we expected.

We listened, clearly understood what the problems and options were, and decided to go ahead with a Proposal to our creditors to reduce our debt load. We did all the leg work that was required, which was not necessarily easy, and after a few months of stress and appointments, the Proposal deal 4 Pillars helped us prepare was accepted by our Creditors.

Today, because of Benjy and staff at 4 Pillars Victoria, I still have my house, I still have my car, and we still have our business; but what is more important is; I can now easily afford to pay all my bills and have extra money to enjoy life, and… to my big surprise… as I am writing this this morning, 3.5 months after the proposal was accepted, and I am finally looking at money in my savings account. I will ever be grateful for their help, and hopefully, you can read my story and understand that there is help and options out there. Everyone with a family gets into tight situations once in a while, and if you need help there IS a way to start a brand new financial life.

Thank you Benjy and your staff for putting us back on the road to financial freedom!

Glen & Livia B.

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