We can help you reduce your debt by up to 80% and get your life back.

If you owe $40k you could end up paying $52k if you pay just the minimum payments! ($800/m)

Using Debt Victoria to reduce your debt your payments could drop from $800 per month to $250 per month – saving your family from Bankruptcy.

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We help you drastically reduce your debt and rebuild your credit.

We are part of one of Canada’s largest and most successful networks of Debt Restructuring Professionals called 4 Pillars Consulting Group. We have an A+ BBB rating and have over 50 offices in Canada YET we do business in person on a small scale locally so you get the BEST service and best results.

  • We work for you, not your creditors.
  • We consolidate and reduce your debts.
  • Our settlements average 20 cents on the dollar.
  • We have a 97% debt repayment success rate.

Debts we can help you work with – Credit Cards, Loans, Line of Credit, Overdraft, Retail Store cards, Taxes, Bills, Student Loans, Business Debts

Reduce your Debt with 4Pillars Victoria. AA BBB Torch Award Finalist

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