It has been just over a year since I contacted Benji at 4 Pillars. I am grateful I did. in the past year I have been able to stop living pay check to pay check. Pay for my son to tryout for teams to represent BC and travel with him to the camps and games. I have a feeling of FINANCIAL FREEDOM not having to worry about what bill will get paid this paycheck and whether or not I have the money to get milk…..THANK YOU 4 PILLARS, BENJI and TASHA for giving me my mental life back and financial freedom.

Cindy B

If it wasn’t for 4Pillars & their competent & friendly staff, I would be in such a financial pickle! They walked me thru the whole process without judgement or lectures.

The weight of the financial burden I’ve carried for many years, was lifted after my first meeting with Tasha.

What are you waiting for?? Give them a call!

Darcy N

When starting this process, I was embarrassed, ashamed and very skeptical.

Benjy & Tasha treated me with respect & kindness, talking me all the way through the process with patience (even when I wasn’t the best client at times).

I am happy to say that everything they told me up front was true – flexibility in payment schedule, ceasing the debtor calls and ensuring my proposal was accepted.

I am 1 1/2 years removed from submitting the proposal and haven’t looked back.

Thank you!!

Liam M

I am so pleased with the service I have received from Benjy and his team at 4Pillars… I just wish that I had done this sooner, it would have saved me a lot of stress and headaches..

Being employed in law enforcement I was concerned of loosing my job or not being promoted but it is not the case.

From my first appointment with Benjy I felt the pressure starting to go down and felt he was there to work for me and truly wanted to help me… I recommend this to anyone who has financial difficulties


It was such a huge relief for me to meet Benjy and Tasha at 4 Pillars. I was at a point in my life of huge stress and with a need to change my circumstances radically. Both Benjy and Tasha helped me do that, in a way that I could feel confident that everything was going to be ok.

I whole heartedly recommend Benjy and Tasha at 4 Pillars for financial advice. They have helped me turn my life around and they can with you too!

James H

Worth every penny! Got me a better deal than I would have managed on my own or with a Trustee, so I didn’t really ‘pay’ a fee at all. It took years of debating to come to this decision, and Benjy patiently waited and supported me all the while. He handled the compounded difficulty of my marital breakdown and corresponding financial chaos like the true pro he is.

Dealing with his wonderful staff and having people in my corner while I was at my lowest made a tremendous difference to my mental and physical health. Leveraging his existing relationships and knowledge base gave me peace of mind, and they are still here for me in the re-building stage.

I have NO regrets going with Benjy, and have referred friends and clients to him both in the recent and more distant past. He has a great attitude. He put in a lot of time on my file, and he earned his fee 200% both in time and value.

All I can say to anyone struggling with the decision is: it is not a financial one, it is an emotional one, and it is ok to feel the shame, fear, dread and anxiety that comes with having to let go. Nothing is forever, even these hard times. Have courage, reach out for help & don’t delay any longer

Leslie L

Honesty from start and expectations from creditors and guidelines you have to follow Willing to work with you and for you and suitable to your standards if payments They dot your i’s and cross your t’s for you it dont work for you all you have to say is can we do this cause it works better for me They have a trained and experience staff from the moment you walk in to the day you sign the dotted line and that dotted line is your whole life changing in front of you cause you will be happy with the final out come a big s sii of releaf no more worries no more creditir phone calls they did there part and no as for us we have to do our part

Patrick L

I finally feel like a weight has been lifted.

Benjy and Tasha were able to reduce my debt by 70% and explained the process step by step. They were so understanding and personable.

I highly recommend that anyone with debt make an appointment at 4 pillars.

Life altering results!

Tiffany S

I am so happy we went to 4 Pillars. We were up to our neck in debt and stressed. I thought it was too good to be true and very sceptical. After meeting with Benji I felt better. We now have a budget that we can maintain and no more debt. They were even able to reduce what we owed.

We are so relieved.

I highly recommend 4 Pillars!

Christine S

I was drowning in dept we were getting paid and then had no money we felt we were working for nothing I decided to go see Benjy and his team what a change in my life. They are so helpful told me what to do and what not to do the councilling sessions were so helpful. I highly recommend four pillars to anyone!!! If you need help this is where to go

George-Ann & Lisa U