Financial Wellness Advocate

Debt Relief Specialist

Camille has been working in the Debt Restructuring/Insolvency industry since 2009.  She began her insolvency career working for a Licenced Insolvency Trustee (LIT) firm, where she completed the Insolvency Administrator Course, providing her with strong knowledge of the insolvency debt restructuring process and requirements and she gained much experience administering Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcies.

Camille enjoyed her time working with a LIT firm, but she found that the work limited her ability to build long-lasting relationships with those she was helping and she wanted to continue to provide much-needed financial literacy post insolvency. 

In early 2019 Camille decided to move to 4Pillars to work as a Financial Wellness Advocate to be able to help the consumer more directly through their journey to financial stability.  She loves how 4 Pillars can provide the in-depth post-insolvency financial rehabilitation the LIT’s do not provide.

Working at 4 Pillars allows her to be unbiased, have a debtor’s absolute best interest in mind, help them achieve the best outcome with their debt reduction, focus time on helping them fully rebuild their credit and fully rehabilitate their finances.

Camille was born and raised on Vancouver Island and loves spending time with her family and getting out and exploring this beautiful island we are lucky to call home.  She enjoys playing a variety of sports as well as coaching and passing along her skills and knowledge to up-and-coming athletes of all ages.

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