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Tasha Weir

Financial Wellness Advocate

Tasha’s Best Traits:

Tasha is The God Mother of our office. She has the most experience in the industry and her wisdom and insight have saved many clients from tight situations. She is fierce, intentional, and the most persistent person we have ever known.

Tasha is one of our most experienced Financial Wellness Advocates and is an expert in helping people in debt find the fastest solutions to eliminate their debt and fully rebuild their credit.

Tasha began her career in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency industry in 1998, working for a Licenced Insolvency Trustee (LIT), where she obtained her technical training and worked as a File Administrator on Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcies and later as a qualified Insolvency Counsellor until 2014.

She enjoyed her time working with a LIT helping prepare Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcies, but she found that the work limited her ability to help provide post-proposal financial rehabilitation and credit rebuilding since the LIT’s are not mandated to provide these services.

Tasha came to work at 4 Pillars in 2014 as a Financial Wellness Advocate and now loves the shift of representing the best interest of the person in debt. She loves the unique 4 Pillars approach of focusing on not only finding the best solution to deal with their debt but also being able to provide comprehensive financial rehabilitation and credit rebuilding programs.  Tasha’s goal is to help educate her clients to prevent future financial challenges and being able to help each of them with their budgeting and rebuilding of their credit so they can experience full financial freedom.

Tasha has lived in Victoria her whole life.  She enjoys travelling with her husband and spending time with her French Bulldog Jax, walking the beaches in Sooke.  She has been playing in a dart league for as long as she has worked in the insolvency industry.  She also loves spending time hanging out with friends and family and alone time in the garden, although she is never alone as Jax loves to be in the garden with her.

1. Why do you do this work? Who do you feel like you work for? 

I started out in this career thinking it was a stepping stone to other things, however, after learning the ins and outs of the industry it became important to me and rewarding to help people put their financial burdens behind them and move forward.  Working for my clients is challenging at times but in the end very rewarding. 

2. What motivates you here? What really lights a fire under you?

What motivates me is my clients that are stuck and have called looking for a way out and the relief I hear in the voice when I have advised them that there is a way out and a light at the end of the tunnel.  It makes me want to keep going and help as many people as I can.  What keeps me going is when I hear “I appreciate you”, almost daily. 

3. What is a memorable story or two from your time here at 4 pillars? 

In general everyone feels they are against the odds when they reach out for help and no one is above needing it.  From Single parents to Doctors and Lawyers, from over extension of credit to health issues or business failures, I have helped them all.

One of my most recent favourites was helping a 66 year old woman with $75,000 of debt living on pension income.  There was no way she was ever going to be able to pay this debt off.  She was not able to work to help support herself or the debt payment. It was consuming her.  When I phoned her and advised her that her creditors had accepted her monthly offer of $275 over a 5 year term she was filled with such relief, she cried.  It reminded me of why I love doing what I do and why I keep on going every day. 

 Another favourite was when I helped a Doctor several years ago.  Contrary to what we think, Doctors in BC don’t make the kind of money we think they do.  When she came to me her unsurmountable tax debt and student loan debt totalled $300,000. She could not afford the extremely costly payment plan CRA had come up with for her and if she had carried on like this she would have been in debt for a decade. When she met with me she was shocked to learn that she could, in fact, be helped. No one thinks that anything can be done with Tax debt but believe me, you can!  I was able to coach her through a process that helped her reduce her debt from $300,000 down to only $60,000 which she paid off at zero interest in only a few years. She is now debt free and very happy.


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