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Sarah Sihota

Financial Wellness Consultant

Sarah’s Best Traits:

Sarah has a kind and wild heart that somehow mixed together. She has deep empathy and seeming endless energy for connecting with her beloved clients to help them navigate freedom from their debt.

Sarah has a background in tech and insurance and spent time running a local business here in Victoria BC. Sarah joined 4 Pillars team as a Financial Wellness Consultant where she was excited to find her perfect fit for implementing her strengths and interests to bring a highly relatable “human” approach to the 4Pillars team. Her boisterous laughter can be heard echoing through our office, and we appreciate it most days! 

Sarah enjoys working with each person to discover the best outcomes for their individual debt solutions, assisting them in achieving a better understanding of their circumstance, the credit system and their options. Listening may be one of her super powers and she uses it to provide Customer Service like no other. 

When she isn’t at work, Sarah is a mom who highly values her community and appreciates bringing people together. She can also be found getting lost in one of the many gorgeous local parks, camping and enjoying all that the West Coast has to offer. 

1. Why do you do this work? 

 I have seen so many people over the years confused and stuck with their finances. In fact, over a decade ago, it was me. I was determined to understand the finance game as best I could – so I delved into it and now I get to teach others what I spent all those years learning. I work for the people, to bring a level of humanity to what otherwise could be a stressful circumstance. 

2. What motivates you here? What really lights a fire under you?

Being able to make a difference for others with no hidden agenda. The fire is lit when I have a great candid conversation and get to perhaps be the first person they’ve shared their financial concerns with. It’s a vulnerable position, and it’s what really lights me up – being able to listen without judgement – and then – maybe – help them. 

3. What is a memorable story or two from your time here at 4 pillars? 

I’m gonna pick a client who was self-employed with just under $100k in debt and calling him to tell him that his debt reduction plan had been accepted. He was astounded – the relief it was for him to know that he would no longer be drowning in debt and dodging collection calls was palpable. He was free! He was elated! These moments make it all worth it. 


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