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Benjy Houser

Financial Wellness Advocate (and Debt Relief Specialist)

Benjy’s Best Traits:

Benjy is a caring dad with relentless energy, complex problem-solving skills, and a high level of empathy. Benjy is the epitome of helpful in every aspect of his business consulting and financial wellness coaching practice.

Benjy’s long-standing position as owner of 4 Pillars offices of Vancouver Island, as well as his entrepreneurial history, give him incredible insight into the financial/business world, especially as it relates to debt reduction, financial problem solving, and credit repair. It has also assisted him in building a huge network of financial professionals throughout the area
Benjy founded the 4 Pillars Debt Victoria office in 2010, Duncan 4 Pillars branch in 2016, and Nanaimo and North Island offices in 2022, today his team manages all of Vancouver Island.

Benjy is a Bachelor of Science grad from the University of Calgary. With a passion for entrepreneurship, he started his own business shortly after graduation. He quickly built up a few businesses in real estate and the energy industry but suffered major financial reversal in 2008 from the world financial crisis. This very difficult experience left Benjy with the deep understanding of how difficult it can be to go through major financial setbacks.

By seeking his own help during his crisis through 4 Pillars, he was introduced to the 4 Pillars system, and learned firsthand how amazing the 4 Pillars Debt Relief coaching and credit rebuilding process really is.

After dealing with the financial setback, and with the help of 4 Pillars he was able to rebuild his own financial life and eventually open his first 4 Pillars office.

Benjy has loved the journey from financial hardship to recovery and becoming an expert in Financial Wellness – the art and science of helping people reduce their debt and attain financial freedom. When Benjy is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, and, whenever possible, he is also a connoisseur of many outdoor wilderness sports.

1. Why do you do this work? Who do you feel like you work for?

I love seeing people turn their entire financial lives around. They come in stressed, behind on payments, dropping credit score, and disheartened, and they leave with lowered debt balances, payments they can afford, and rapid credit rebuilding strategies that set them up for long term financial success. Happy thankful clients are the reason I love doing this work.

2. What motivates you here? What really lights a fire under you?

In a debt help industry that is full of predatory lenders and predatory type debt companies, we are special and unique because we are the opposite of this. We instead care about the person in debt, and work to help them fix their debt problems and avoid these bad lenders. We are really making a difference in this industry and it is very fulfilling and motivating. If we didn’t exist, then consumers would have a lot less choice. I feel compelled to fight hard for people in debt because not many other services are. 

3. What is a memorable story or two from your time here at 4 pillars?

I have seen countless businesses and people completely turn their lives around in less than a year and it is always a combo of our help/coaching plus the client’s willingness to have a good attitude and put energy into their fresh financial start. I have seen uncountable people and businesses go from hopelessly in debt to turned around and back on track and heading toward retirement again. A few of my clients have become millionaires not long after I helped them deal with their debt. That is a profound thing to witness.

Enjoy life after debt

We can help you reduce your debt by up to 80% and get your life back.