Benjy Houser - Debt Restructuring Specialist

Debt Restructuring Strategist

Benjy has a strong passion for helping people break free from crushing debt and attain new found financial freedom. He has helped literally thousands of people over the past decade reach their own financial freedom. Benjy and his wife Christi founded our 4 Pillars Debt Victoria office in 2010 (and Duncan 4 Pillars branch in 2016) after buying into an existing Vancouver Island 4 Pillars branch which had been in business since 2002.

Benjy is a Bachelor of Science grad who stepped out on his own to start his own businesses including a small consulting company in the energy industry and a financial start-up in real estate. He and Christi quickly built up a large portfolio of real estate investment properties in the early 2000's only to lose them all during the 2008 financial crisis due to the downturn in the market and over extension of real estate financing. By seeking help for their own finical losses through 4 Pillars, they were introduced to this System and learned first hand how amazing the 4 Pillars Debt Relief System really is. After dealing with their financial reversal, Benjy and Christi worked through their hard times to rebuild. With the help of their 4 Pillars Advisor and continuing education they reorganized and re-educated themselves with a focus on finance and were able to completely rebuild their own financial life, becoming experts in Financial Restructuring - the art and science of helping people reduce their debt and attain financial freedom.

When Benjy is not working he enjoys spending his time with his family and when there is time one of many outdoor sports.  He also volunteers his time at many local organizations and schools to teach courses on reducing debt and building wealth.

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